A Woman Gets in the Zoo to Get Closer with a Lion


Have you ever questioned your extend of bravery and how did you do it? If you want a bit of an adrenaline this story if just for you.

A woman, who was extremely in love with wild animals, especially with the wildest african lion decided to have an adrenaline rush for once in a lifetime.

On a Sunday morning, she made her way straight to the zoo with the hope to have an unforgettable meeting with the majetic African lion.

It was an open are wild zoo and the chance for her were high. Lions and other animals were playing or lying, as she was making her way there.

As she was approaching neared, she could feel how the lion started to make moves. Right at the moment, the lion stood up and faced the woman.

What a moment! The lion was looking straight at the woman, as if it was trying to say something. But the lion did not intend to attack her for sure.

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