The Dog Feels Happiest while Riding on the Back of the Horse


We all enjoy different animal bonding stories, since those stories inspire for humans to think that love and friendship are the most valuable and precious gifts we get in life.

Our beautiful story is about the precious friendship bond between rescues dog Jackie and majestic horse Banny. Their friendship started, when the rescues was brought to the ranch.

At first, the two were hardly seen together. The dog might be a bit shy. However, after some time the owners of the ranch notice the unique love and friendship between the two.

The doggie especially goes crazy with love when he gets into the back of the horse. He enjoys how he friend makes an adorable rides with him.

From the photos, we can clearly see his happy and satisfied face, when the doors of the ranch and the horse is ready to take his adorable doggie for long and enjoyable rides.

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