Adorable Moment of Cat Thinking the Dog is His Daddy


People always think that dogs and cats are usually enemies. This story will prove you all wrong.

This adorable cat was raised by James the doggie. When you spend most of your time together with someone, who takes care of you all the time non-stop, you automatically think that the person is either your parent or close relative.

The same goes with this bond cat and dog. This kitten was brought to Jackson family, when they already had super doggie James.

When they brought the kitten, at first their «relationship» was not as good. As times went by, they got so close to each other.

The dog felt, that this little catie needed some care and love. So he did his best to help her grow. Yes actually to grow. He took good care of the cat and kind of thought the cat «some important life lessons».

They spend most of the time together and never ever get bored. That is what true friendship should look like.

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