Homeless Dog Helps a Dying Woman and Saves Her


Grace Jackson every time remembers the day, which might have been her last day and breaks up in tears.
She cannot help her tears but she also is always grateful.


She remembers, how a truck driver lost the control of the vehicle and hit her car so hard. Right at the moment, her car crashed and her body was thrown out of the car many feet away from the incident.


She got a severe trauma on the head, which cause the lack of movement too. Right at the moment a dog was wondering near the are of the incident and noticed the woman lying on the ground.


The dog was looking for help nearby but nobody was noticed on the street. Then the smart dog started to drag her body through the street.


After going like that for some feet, a policeman was noticed and called an ambulance immediately. She was saved. Everytime remembering the story, the lady breaks in tears. After the incident, she adopted the dog.

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