Girl Taking the Dying Dog for his Last Ride Makes Family Break in Tears


Alice, the smallest girl in the Jackson family is overwhelmed by the idea of taking their dying dog for car ride for the last time. No matter how sad all the family was, they agreed to this reunion.

Doggie Alex was hit by a car last summer while playing on the street and got a serious wound on his head. After undergoing medical examination, it was clear it was serious.

The doctors said, that the wound was very serious and that they cannot do much to help the dog. They said, the dog had some two months to live.

After the sad news, Alice, who was mostly connected to the dog decided to make a small goodbye party for the dog.

As the family was driving to the countryside, Alice noticed tears rolling on everyone’s eyes and even on the eyes of the dog. It was a very sad and at the same time a very remarkable moment for the family.

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