A Poor Woman Gives her Dog Away and Breaks out in Tears


When the dogs get older, the responsibilities of dog owner do not change, it gets even harder.

We often see and read about the dogs, that when they get older, they are exchanged for other puppies.

There are cases also, when the owners of these animals drop them, because it becomes hard for them to take care of the dogs and cant afford much for the proper care with veterinary.

The hero dog of our story was very healthy and active, but after some time he suddenly became sick, his legs were paralyzed and it was very hard for him to move.

The owner herself, instead of getting proper care for the dog, decided that it would be better if she abandons the doggies somewhere in the street woods.

When she came back home and noticed the absence of the dog, she realized how bad she treated both herself and the dog.

Now she realized she was completely alone.

She broke down in tears and cried.

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