A Dog Saved the Life of Koala


We often witness heroic acts of animals saving or rescuing other animals. This heartwarming story will leave you in tears.

Two weeks ago, a reported came along a story which left him in tears. As reported, as a result of heavy fire in Australia, a forest was brought down to ground.

All the rescue teams were trying their best to bring the fire down. It took a lot of effort from them. However, the were able to rescue some animals.

When they were already on their way out of the forest, a dog carrying a koala on his mouth left the whole rescue team in tears and shocked.

The rescue team took the koala to hospital, where after proper care and treatment, the koala came back to life. All his face was terribly distorted.

However, after the relevant care, he transformed so much and even hot better. Happily enough, the koala gained enough weight after the incident and was transformed completely.

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