The Stroke Flew Many Miles to Meet his Love


It is believed, that true love and connection is between two loving hearts.

When two souls are destined for each other, they will definitely find each other.

If you real believer of love between two souls, regardless it is between two humans or animals, this article is definitely for you.

Meet our today’s heroes, Mali and Brad.

They are so much in love with each other, they cannot imagine it will ever be possible to stay separate from one another.

It is believed, that storks are not a species of birds that make lifetime partnership, this case is completely astonishing.

Brad is so loyal to his love Brad; she was noticed to fly thousands of miles to see his soulmate, his love.

It is stated, that Brad flew more than 7000 miles of journey each spring just to meet the love of his live and they finally found each other.

These kinds of stories always remind us to never lose our hope and faith in finding life’s true meaning, which is love.

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