Puppy Found In the Thrash Living Best Life


A cute puppy, who was thrown to the garbage now has a very rich and beautiful life, thanks to the amazing rescuers’s team.

A local animal rescuer in California Alex Turner says, that it is now a common thing to find and rescue animals from garbage.

The rescuers often come up along these kind of cases, when dogs which are not wanted in the homes are taken and thrown at the garbage.

It was a good day for Alex Turner to find an rescue the dog on that that.

He took the doggie took and rescued the dog.

At that moment he was very happy seeing the dog safe and happy on the face. He took the dog to shelter, where they fed him, washed him.

He was so cute and amazing, that the people in the shelter decided to give him to a good family in Los Angeles.>

They were sure that the dog would have a safe and amazing life there. And now he is living his best life ever.

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