Willie Nelson rescued 70 Horses from a Slaughter and Left them Free in a Ranch


The super talented and gifted country music star, Willie Nelson is not only a good artist, but a kind-hearted human being in nature.

The star is travelling a lot, but when he does not travel, we can see him out in the ranch in Texas. He has a special love and bond to the horses and once while out in Texas he noticed how 70 horses were about to be sent to slaughterhouse.

It was very terrible for him so see how the heavenly beautiful animals were about to be killed and used for other purposes. He could not see this happen.

While the keepers of the horses were busy in the ranch doing other things, Willie Nelson directly went and opened the door and the horses were freed into the wild.

It was a very emotional and beautiful scenery to watch the wild horses to into where they belong. It was a very beautiful and heartwarming scene and for that he would be vert

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