The Saddest Cat in the World: New Internet Sensation


It is a common belief, that cats do not usually express emotions same way as humans do. But it is beyond belief, that they do have emotions like other animals in the world.

The beauty of these creatures is, that they have their unique ways of self-expression.

We can be sure, that they care jealous, angry, happy, loving caring. All these emotions are transformed by the look in their eyes and all the emotions are really felt by these creatures.

Among other kittens, there is this amazing cat with the saddest look in her eyes. Look at her.

It feels as it is going to break every human’s heart. What is going inside the heart of this beauty? No one knows.

This is Lola, which is called as “the saddest kitten in the world”. And we can see through her eyes something sad happening to her.

This cuteness and love cannot but break internet and make this amazing creature a living star.

No human being can be indifferent to this cuteness overdose.

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