Homeless Man Gives a Shelter to a Street Dog


We often witness of how human bad humans treat street dog. But we should not forget that this world is based on good and bad and should not lose hope on good people as well.

Meet the kind-hearted homeless Jon and his new four-leg friend Packie. This two extremely kind hearted creatures found each other in the streets of Los Angeles.

It is obvious, that they both had hard life and had some strong bond together.

John told one of the photographers, that he had never such warm creature in his entire life.

He feels very close to the doggie and can not imagine his life without the dog. They are a good companion and go all the places together.

These kinds of stories remind us one more time that the kindness is not in money or wealth.

True kindness lies in giving what you have or sometimes even when you don’t have anything to give, but your best to help another living creature.

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