A hidden camera caught a sweet scene how a kind hearted postman encounters with misjudged dog every day


This German shepherd is well known as a dog with bad reputation in neighborhood. He is known as a dog which is not sociable and is only fond of barking.

The owner of the dog put a camera to capture the scene how the dog behaves with strangers. What he saw made him be proud of his dog.

The man was surprised how the dog and the mailman interacted. The postman did his everday job and just enjoyed the time with the dog. The dog and the mailman had a sweet encounter.

This scene makes us think that humanity still exists. There are kind people who do not leave the cute creatures behind that only want attention and cuddling.

This case was not the only one the dog and the man greet each other every day. The dog wags his tail as he is happy to see this man. Their bond is tight and they are both fond of each other.

The postman always stops near the house to see the German shepherd even when there is no mail for them.

The dog sometimes barks at the strangers but when he sees the mailman he just can not conceal his happiness.

The mailman does not hesitate and makes an effort to get off the bicycle and greet his friend, hug and give a pet him. Seeeing this dog is his everyday routine.

Here is the sweet reaction between the mailman and the dog:

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