Dog to Be Adopted Refused to Leave His Best Friend


Bella and Andry can be considered as most loyal friendship bonds ever. They met in shelter, became good friends.

It was clear, that when someone wanted to adopt one of these beauties, they should adopt both.

Not much information is known about this bond but they kind of grew up together. There was a strong bond between them. After 6 years, a woman came to shelter to adopt a dog and her heart fell for Bella.

She used to come to shelter to see Bella, but she wasn’t there surprisingly. She felt, that she was going to be adopted and ran away.

Right at that moment, the adopting woman realized, that the two were so strong in bond, she understood, that it would be very hard for Bella to leave her best friend. When she looked in the eyes of Bella she realized, she had to adopt both.

How kind it is for a woman to show this kind of kindness to doggies.

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