Cute Moment of Four Baby Bunnies Thinking the Dog is their Dad


A kindhearted and cute doggie named Jimmy surprises everyone with his heartwarming and nurturing care for 4 bunny babies. This is a story of unconditional animal love and care, which is adorable beyond words.

It was a real surprise for Jimmy’s owner of the way the dog responded to the four bunnies running back and forth in the house. It was heart melting to see how the doggie was taking care of the bunnies, as if they were his own «children».

Above all, the most beautiful reaction was the reaction of the bunnies. They felt, as if doggie Jimmy was their father. The love, care and nurturing they were getting from the dog was unconditional and pure.

They love cuddling with their «father», laughing, sleeping on the bed, playing with his softy fur.

Friendships and strong bond between animals are always the most beautiful and adorable. There is something very sincere and heartwarming to watch this connection, because in these moments they share the purest form of love.

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