A Puppy was Abandoned in a Suitcase, but He didn’t Give up


Several months ago, the rescue group of California witnessed one of the saddest cases ever they had during the work.

A gorgeous puppy was left in the middle of nowhere in a torn suitcase.

It was obvious from this puppy, that there was something suspicious about it.

The puppy was in a very bad condition, his eyes were nearly close and he could hardly move and was exhausted.

Seeing the puppy in this way, the rescue group immediately started to do the work taking a good care of the puppy.

It was clear, that the puppy was in good hands, the veterinary team did all the necessary work to bring the puppy into life again.

It is very important for everyone to understand, that we should give compassion to all living being, including dogs too.

It is very cruel to behave like this. We are humans and should understand our values.

After this case and the good care of the puppy, it was adopted by a very good family, who gave all the love to the puppy, which he deserved.

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