A Heartbraking Story of a Dog Walking Miles to Save a Puppy


This both heartbreaking and heartwarming story gives a look of how a dog walked more than 3 miles alone to find and save his puppy.

He noticed, how his little puppy stopped eating and was feeling exhausted all the time.

And one day he noticed that his puppy was missing.

So this brave dog decided to make his own way of finding his little puppy. He headed into the deepest part of forest and was very determined to find his puppy.

This dog itself was very tiny and barely was eating food.

As the dog was going he heard some kind of sounds and he suddenly realized it was his puppy dog. He was lying on the grass and was helpless.

He approached him and took him. But the dog himself had no strength left. On the way out of the forest a boy sees this couple.

Realizing both the dog and the puppy were out of strength, this kind boy decided to help them and bring them home.

When the owner saw them together coming back home, she was in tears and started to cry at this emotional scene.

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