A Dog was Heartbroken Reuniting with Owner Who Didn’t Want Him


A homeless dog was noticed crying near a bus station. He was cold, sad and stressed out and it was clear that he should be saved.

The rescue group knew it would not be good to rescue him near the station. They followed him, so they could do it in a safer place.

It was clear, the dog was afraid, as the rescuers got closer, but after some time, the dog realized they were there to help him.

The dog realized he had to give himself to the rescuers, because he also felt, that he was tired of living in the street. He knew, he needed a safer place. The rescue team took him and gave a good medical care to him.

After the care, examination, the rescue team contacted with his owner, so he could take the dog back, however, to their surprise, the dog owner did not want him back.

The rescue team, even surprised by the answer, put up an advertisement for a good family to take this amazing creature into care.

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