The weak dog broke the hearts of millions of netizens with his eyes full of sadness and fear


The desperate eyes of this exhausted stray dog ​​broke the hearts of all who saw them. The scared pup was rescued on Thanksgiving Day by a kind woman who realized he was too weak to stand.

The woman was walking when she saw the dog. She realized the dog needed help and called for volunteers.

The animal welfare organization named him Hadley. At first, it was difficult for him to raise his head. They started feeding him in very small portions. Hadley would be fed this way for a few weeks.

Emilia, the shelter veterinarian, offered to take Hadley home. Emilia will be able to give Hadley all the love he needs and deserves and the dog will be better off in her care.

If not for the woman who discovered Hadley on her walk, her life would likely have ended. It could have ended in the worst possible way, starvation, because no one cared to help her.

Fortunately, Hadley found a woman who cared and did something about it.

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