The Moment When the Dad Noticed the Dog Missing for 12 Days


Have you ever gone through pain of losing a dog? The story brings an overwhelming image of a family that went through similar pain back in 2015.

The beloved dog Jackie of Jackson family went mission one day and all the attempts of the family to find the doggie were giving no results.

From this point, the family decided to make up posters for the neighborhood and through the city so in case someone notices the dog would contact them.

All the efforts seemed in vein, until someone called the mom, who picked up the doggie Jackie, however, did not tell the family about it. She wanted to make a big surprise for the family.

And guess what, what an amazing surprise the Jackson witnessed. When she drove in front of their house, the dad of the family immediately noticed Jackie and this is the moment when all the emotions took over. He was all in tears, while holding the dog.

It was one of the most unforgettable moments of Jackson family and after the case, they decided to be more careful about the precious doggie.

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