Rejecting a Dog on Adoption Day, It Turned up a “Set up”


One of the most important goals of Jackson family in life is to won a temporary dog , so they could give the dog love, care and when the time feels like they should give the dog away to their forever home.

This time Jackson family fostered a cutie dog and the mom of the family completely fell in love with the dog. After some time, it was the time for the dog to go the forever home.

It was very difficult for the Jackson mom to give the dog away and while waiting for the family to arrive, who would take the doggie forever, she was completely in tears. However, she did not realize they were set up.

A man gave a folder to Jackson mom, containing all the contact data of the adoptive family. She was very sad and emotional. Only at this moment she realized what was happening.

The rescue group gave the doggie to Jackson family, because they realized how much connected the Jackson mom to the dog.

It was a happy failure for the family.

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