Heart Warming Moment of a Dog Crying While He Sees His Best Friend Return from Army


Doggie Neo, who is already 12 years of age, has lived all his live with his best friend James Smith, who was actively engaged in military operations for a long period of time.

Recently, James got a notice from the Army stating that he was selected to go to military training in the Army, in California. Besides having the dog Neo, James was fond of other pets too and he was already leaving, he felt very sad feeling of leaving his beloved pets and that he will not be able to see them for three months.

But he was especially saddened for his dog Neo, because he had a very deep connection to the, as he adopted Neo, when he was still a puppy.

As the doggie grew older, he had a problem with hearing system diagnosed with arthritis and is mostly dead now. After the military operation period was over, James came back and Neo could not, but give James a heartwarming and cutest welcome ever.

Seeing James, Neo puts his head in James’s laps and starts to cry. It is one of the most heartwarming scenarios and moments ever fixed.

We all know about the bond between doggies and human are probably the cutest ever, but the one between a doggie and soldier, defending his land is the expression of greatest “unconditional love” between human and doggies.

Love and friendship is one of the most sacred gifts, we get from life, so we should not take it for granted and should always wait and take care of the ones we love most.

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