A Rescued Pit Bull From Fighting Ring Is Given His First Snack after it ‘Loses His Mind’


Dog Fighting is a form of sport, which should be forbidden for so many reasons. Today’s story is about a Pit Pull dog, who was rescued from one of the fights.

Please, meet Alex the Pit Bull.One of the characteristics of trained Pit Bulls is that they usually are considered dangerous.

Our hero Alex the Pit Bull was so much in need of love and food, that when he was given his yummy food after being rescued, he barely understood he was losing his mind.

This cute Alex was brought up under bad conditioned he never got any treats of yummy food.
But when he is being treated with a slice of pizza, at the moment he discovered his greatest pleasure for life and enjoying it.

Right at the moment of getting his treat, he “lost his mind”, running from this end to that end of the room, showing his purest delight for getting a pizza slice.

This lovely creature teaches us important life lessons.

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