A dog thanks the girl who saved him from a last gunshot


Clarence is four years old and has lived in the backyard without love or care since birth.

His unfortunate owners kept him on a leash, wouldn’t let him into their house and then abandoned him in the parking lot of a large supermarket.

Out there on the street, Clarence had friends who were also abandoned. He was a purebred German Shepherd and a Chihuahua.

The trapping service tried to return them to their owners, but the owners didn’t need them, so Clarence was put on the condemned animal list for one last chance.

Luck was with him, however, and all the tails were saved by an animal welfare organization.

The volunteers retrieved the dogs and then decided to find them permanent owners. Watch Clarence give his savior a hug and thank her for saving him.

The volunteers assured us that Clarence is incredibly kind and friendly, that he enjoys people’s company and does not hold it against them. Clarence will soon be leaving for New Jersey, where I am sure he will be very happy.

Shelter staff will soon find him a permanent family, because such a lovely pup should have a home of his own.

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