The only brown panda in the world currently lives happily in his panda valley


Pandas were wonderful animals. And even they are good in old age. They are very funny and nice, but sometimes they cause trouble.
This story was about this wonderful panda named Qizai.

He stands out from everyone, he is brown, currently the only brown panda in the world. But his dogs are white and white. According to the researchers, his skin color is the result of a mutation.

He was still very young, but he was already mistreated by others.

It’s good that he is now healthy and growing like everyone else. He now lives in Foping Panda. Here, he is very well cared for and he is well fed.

He is distinguished from the others by his slowness and his intelligence.

Qizai has never mated before, but it is assumed that he will soon meet someone and give birth to another brown panda like him.

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