A woman holds and comforts a scared cat when air raid sirens sound in Ukraine


These scred animals need support and love in Ukraine. A correspondent captured a scene how a woman shows true love and care towards the kitten who was afraid of the noises of bombardment.

The woman hugged the cat tightly. She tried her best to comfort the poor and hopeless kitten who was shivering from fear.

It is not obvious whether she is the owner of the cat or she is a stranger but she showed sincere compassion to the kitten.

Another scene was captured how an old man fed the birds in Kiev. The worn-torn country and its residents and animals try to survive.

Luckily, there are organisation which care about those animals in danger. These stories show that humanity still exists people will continue to take of the animals in Ukraine and won’t leave them alone. There are surely many such scenes that are not captured of course.

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