People keep a chained up Yorkshire Terrier


This one-year-old Yorkshire terrier is at home with his pals and handlers in the dog pen. Glad to be back at your boss after a day at work. It’s time to have fun and spend time with family, whether in business or at home, warm.

Finally, it’s time to enjoy life and everything in it, like every other fag should, but Mark can’t. And he can’t do it not because he doesn’t want to.

And he can’t do it, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he’s not used to it. This beast has a bad past. What was the purpose of this action of the ancient family of the animal? Obviously, such a small thing is hardly going to protect the house against intruders, as is often the case with other pets that are used to helping and are happy to do so.

Mark is a calm, humble, helpful and unscrupulous person. It would be nice to help him and keep him safe. The channel was therefore designed with other intentions in mind.

Maybe they wanted to get rid of Mark and his presence in the house was bothering people? Maybe it was the Yorkie breeders.

This “suitless” guy was ruining the overall image and the stats. Out of sight, out of mind and out of the chain was a sad chapter in Mark’s life. And it affected Mark’s character.

It is clear that he is afraid of people. If a new person or someone he met meets him, it certainly means trouble for the offended and unloved shaggy tail. But he doesn’t!

No one will laugh at Mark in a shelter, sanctuary or new family. You have to put this post into practice and melt Mark’s frozen heart.

He deserves to be part of a family, to become a real pet, to be free, to no longer be afraid of people and to finally breathe the air of a happy, fed and loved dog. Mark needs a family.

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