A dog calls people in the mountains to save an infant abandoned there


This incredible story happened last December on the island of Cebu, in the Philippines. That day, Junrell was driving home along a mountain road. Like most islanders, he used his motorbike as a means of transportation.

Suddenly, a dog came out of the thickets to start running after him. The animal barked very loudly, doing everything to try to get Junrell’s attention. Intrigued, the biker had the feeling that Blacky was trying to tell him something.

The motorcyclist got off his motorbike and followed the dog. Blacky drove it to the local dump lost in the mountains. After a few seconds, near the dump, the dog began to twirl and whine near a package.

The package wrapped in a brown sheet was moving. It was a baby, a little girl. Junrell was very surprised to see an abandoned baby in the middle of nature!

Junrell quickly contacted the police. After examining him, the doctors concluded that the infant was completely healthy and had no injuries on his body.

The little girl was then entrusted to the social services, which launched a search for the parents.

In all this heartbreaking story, the dog has been completely forgotten. But a week later, we saw him in the same neighborhood.

He was not a stray, he had shelter and owners. The local charity «Hope for Strays» came to see the four-legged savior with gifts.

The dog’s name is Blacky and he lives with ten other four-legged friends in the same house.

Unfortunately, the financial situation of the owners is not very favorable. “No matter how difficult life can be. Even though I am poor, I feed my dogs and take good care of them,” Ybarita, the dog’s owner, told them.

From now on, they will be helped by a charitable foundation.

It is a kind of recognition and gratitude for raising such an intelligent and sensitive dog.

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