5 reasons to have a cat


In today’s reality, the popularity of pets continues to grow. People are increasingly choosing a proud, handsome, strong-willed predator. We are of course talking about the cat, one of the oldest pets, domesticated around 10,000 years ago.

These animals are a symbol of worship in some countries:

– In Egypt, furry felines are a symbol of power and an object of respect,

– Greece has entrusted SEALs with the protection of supplies for various missions,

– In China, there is a deity in the image of a cat with its paw up, indicating luck and happiness in the house of its owner.

India and Thailand, with the same reverence for small creatures, complete the list.

So what attracts animal lovers? How did «small furry predators» gain popularity?

1. The attractiveness of appearance. Have you ever noticed that it is impossible to lose a kitten? Someone wants, even if they don’t get it, to at least watch their furry friend. «Fluffy Anti-stress» is very attractive and extremely cute, you can be sure that if you connect with the kitten, your phone will be full of funny photos and videos of the kitten.

2. Positivity. Kittens are truly positive animals. Any cat owner can tell many funny stories about their pet, because kittens go crazy on a regular basis.

3. Socialization. It is not uncommon for a cat to become the pet of people who live alone. The reason is that it is happier and more pleasant than at the end of a hard day’s work, a cat welcomes a friend into his home who asks for nothing but food and attention.

4. This is a subject that deserves many articles, but in summary, cats are scientifically proven to improve family health, increase longevity, improve blood pressure and serve to reduce stress. In addition, it is worth mentioning the fact that more than once a cat saved its owner in various situations.

5. Loyalty. This may not be a cause for joy for everyone. A family member who has an emotional bond with a feline family member living in the house will gain a devoted friend who will take away all the consequences of the previous day from their soul.

There are many pets that accept certain family members and only behave with them in a “humane” way. The reason is that this member of the family always feeds the animal and, unlike the others, is more lenient towards the cat for its little mischief.

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