The man rescues the mother wolf and her cubs, and a few years later the unexpected happens


A few years ago, a man on a golden island. Every day he walked in the woods and suddenly he was amazed to see a strange creature. He approached the animal, began to examine it, realized that it was a wolf that had fallen into the trap.

He was very scared of the wolf, but realized he was hurt and weak, then he noticed his nipples were full of milk, meaning he had cubs that needed care.

He knew it was dangerous to help the wolf, but he felt sorry for him and his cubs. He went deep into the forest and started looking for the cubs. And behold, he found them. There were four. The little ones were so hungry that they started sucking on a human finger.

He put them carefully in his bag and brought them to their mother.
Despite the kindness of this man, the mother wolf still did not let him approach her. But he had to do something until the wolf starved to death, he would die. And he brought a dead calf, lest it die.

Then she stayed a few days in the woods to take care of her baby. He already loved the little ones. Suddenly, one day, a mother wolf started wagging her tail a little while she was cooking.

He ran towards the wolf and began to free him. He began to trust the man to let him free himself from the trap that had damaged his paw. Then he started running towards his nest, took his savior and persuaded him.

He took him away and introduced him to his gang. It was a very strange day in his life as he was in contact with many predators. who felt good. The mother wolf was very sad when the man said goodbye. He didn’t know they would meet again.

Five years later, this man returned to the forest and did not see the trap. Suddenly, he noticed a bear behind him, and the tree sprang up in fear.

And here appeared to him a dear figure. This video shows what happened next.

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