The dog sat in the shelter, begging passers-by to hold his hand.


You cannot go through the kennel in the state of Georgia.
That’s when this little kitten notices people approaching, bangs its face on the iron bars and extends its paw.

“He wants to communicate with people,” the farm owner said. “He just wipes his little paw, wants you to wave at him, hold his hand. It is very sad when people leave. »

Looking at him, you’ll think he’s rude and aggressive as he lives on the streets, but you’d be wrong.

“Even if there are other animals next to him, a cat, etc., he is not interested. «He’s only interested in people,» the employee said.

“He wants you to touch him,” he added. “When you sit down, lie on top of you, hold your hand, he will hold your hand, scratch your belly, he will roll.” »

A staff member at the nursery filmed a scene holding a baby’s hands last week.
Thanks to this photo, she became famous and was adopted.

«He will play with his two sisters on Mark’s farm, his family.» David wrote on the internet that he was very happy that Rocky was adopted, that thanks to his generosity, several dogs were adopted and rescued. »

Now Rocky is waiting for his new family. David hopes this dog will inspire others to befriend people as soon as possible.

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