The dog, missing for about eight years, appears and recognizes its owner.


This story, although it begins sadly, has a happy ending.
It happened in 2010, when David left his two dogs, Gabi և Lessie, to enter a house near the Norwegian house, but Gabi disappeared from the door.

He looked around the area and it turned out that they had entered the farmers’ area.
The owner of the area shot him mercilessly and insulted him.

David has been announcing his whereabouts for a long time. «Gabi can’t come near when he’s called. If you have seen him, please call the number և tell me where you last saw him. He may be scared, he may need medical help. I will be very grateful. »

David has already lost hope, he thinks he will never see his dogs again.
But eight years later, he received a call and discovered that someone had seen his dog.

A skinny German Shepherd mix was brought in that matched Kavik’s description in Dog Lost, so the crew contacted Stevie.

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and immediately rushed to the scene. He traveled four hours to see the dog. At last he saw her, glanced at the thin dog to recognize her. The dog is now 10 years old. She recognized David, approached him and began to cry.

“He ran up to me, started licking me like he used to. «I couldn’t believe I had reunited with Gabi eight years later,» David said.
They both slept on the couch that day. The next day, Gabi was taken to a vet for examination.

He was completely dehydrated, he was very hungry, he had tumors on his back that needed to be operated on. At this point, he is given a small meal so that he can recover slowly.

It will take a long time for him to recover, but David said: “He needs to recover. We are ready to do anything for that.”
David calls their meeting a “Christmas miracle”.

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