Fantastic communication between a dog and a sick child.


It’s good that there are dogs in the world. These wonderful creatures are very kind, gentle, selfless, and this story is vivid proof of that.

Daniel is a four-year-old boy from Georgia who has Down syndrome and avoids contact with others. The children don’t communicate with him either. But this little boy luckily found his boyfriend և they started making friends.

The dog slowly approaches the boy cautiously. This dog understands that the baby is in trouble, needs it, needs more attention. Even this troubled boy could not be indifferent to the dog’s care and attention.

As the dog approached Daniel, the boy began to associate with him. The baby’s mother filmed their communication.

I think it would be good if every child suffering from this disease had a faithful friend. This is the best way for them to communicate and play together. Now this baby is no longer alone, he spends most of his time feeling his friend.

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