Brave dog begs strangers to save her puppies


Hera is perhaps the bravest stray when she asks for help. These three puppies are lucky that their mother is so brave.

When a dog shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia received a call about a stray dog ​​in a drainpipe, they were concerned.

It was the dead of winter with deep snow and freezing temperatures, and this dog seemed to approach everyone who passed by.

So they went there and found the dog they had heard about. This girl was shivering, but kept going back to the drainpipe.

We looked inside… and found three little puppies inside!

They named the dog’s mom Hera. As she got used to people, the puppies got scared and did not come to the rescue team.

They had to find a clever way to save the puppies without hurting them.

Finally, just before nightfall, they manage to get the puppies out of the pipe without harming them. The team brings mom and babies together, and the grateful look from her big eyes is worth it!

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