A terrifying story of a dog with a happy ending.


This dog was shaking with fear in the slaughterhouse.
Toby the dog was in a kennel in the state of Georgia, where they were killed.

He was in a large cage with several dogs that had not yet had their turn to be killed. Nick was very agitated when he was rescued, he was taken to a dog shelter in San Marino to start a new life.

The people who rescued him did everything to make him feel good, to forget what had happened in the past, but his condition was not good. He was wagging his tail in fear, trembling between his legs.
They understood that his fears would be very difficult to overcome.

he was already recovering, the new members of his family were very happy. He will spend all his time playing with his new sister.

After some time they became friends, he became the lively and happy dog ​​of the past. From time to time, he was afraid again, hiding in his mother’s arms. But he had changed a lot, he was recovering slowly.

In this video, he sees how he is recovering and getting used to his new family. One of his family members is their friendly dog.

They are very good friends. What a wonderful and moving story. We want him to live in a good family.

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