Brave dog begs strangers to save her puppies
Hera is perhaps the bravest stray when she asks for help. These three puppies are lucky that their mother is so brave. When a dog shelter in Mladenovac
The man was feeding a stray cat, but instead the cat took him to a dying puppy.
It’s a well-known story in Africa, where the growing number of street animals is worrying. The person who made this video, who takes care of all
Fantastic communication between a dog and a sick child.
It’s good that there are dogs in the world. These wonderful creatures are very kind, gentle, selfless, and this story is vivid proof of that.
A blind baby shivering with hunger walked back and forth and they all ignored him.
Imagine being so small in a big terrifying globe and all alone with no one to help you! This is what it looked like for this youngster. The YouTube description claims: «
The man rescues the mother wolf and her cubs, and a few years later the unexpected happens
A few years ago, a man on a golden island. Every day he walked in the woods and suddenly he was amazed to see a strange creature. He approached the animal
The dog, missing for about eight years, appears and recognizes its owner.
This story, although it begins sadly, has a happy ending. It happened in 2010, when David left his two dogs, Gabi և Lessie, to enter a house near the Norwegian
A terrifying story of a dog with a happy ending.
This dog was shaking with fear in the slaughterhouse. Toby the dog was in a kennel in the state of Georgia, where they were killed. He was in a large cage
Two miraculous dogs were saved by a kind-hearted woman.
These little miracles were waiting for people to help them because they are so small. One of them was accidentally hit by a car. The sister did not know he was dead.
The dog sat in the shelter, begging passers-by to hold his hand.
You cannot go through the kennel in the state of Georgia. That’s when this little kitten notices people approaching, bangs its face on the iron bars