Video. Have you ever kissed your dog? Watch how dogs react to it.


It’s hard to resist the urge to cuddle your 4-legged friend. If stroking your dog, hugging him, fortunately does not represent any health risk, kissing him is much less recommended.

When we love our dog, we sometimes let him lick us nicely on the face, and therefore on the mouth. But is it really healthy?

It is not recommended to kiss your dog on the mouth. Indeed, science has proven that dogs can transmit certain diseases to humans. Even if the diseases in question are not serious, the risk is there.

Although this thought is not pleasant, it is nevertheless realistic: the dog cleans its private parts alone, where germs can lodge, hence the risk of transmission afterwards for yourself.

The risk is even greater in children: toxoplasmosis, leishmaniasis or even leptospirosis are transmissible and children are even more sensitive to them.

To preserve the health of your dog and avoid any transmission to humans, do not hesitate to opt for a dog mutual insurance company to be reimbursed for this care and to access it more serenely.

Here is a series of videos where owners kiss their dogs on the head and film their reactions.

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