Older lady bodybuilder makes a splash with her look


Rebecca Woody is a 70-year-old bodybuilder-blogger.

This American was born in 1949 and grew up surrounded by athletes from her childhood. His father coached youth basketball and volleyball, and also ran a fitness facility in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.

Rebbecca’s brother was a professional boxer. As a young woman, she was frail and only four feet tall, but after the birth of her third child, the woman had to struggle with being overweight.

She joined the gym after her thirties, with the desire to get in shape and to face the disease. Two years prior, Woody had been diagnosed with chronic rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that deforms joints, reduces mobility and is often accompanied by pain and discomfort.

Doctors forbade her from heavy physical exercise, let alone weight training, but Rebecca made a conscious decision and two years later made her debut in a bodybuilding contest. Every year she collected more and more medals and victories. At thirty-six, she met an athlete fourteen years younger than her.

Steve and Rebecca are still together and continue to do bodybuilding and powerlifting. The woman admits to always being the oldest competitor, in her category and 35+, having last won the BB NPC Muscle Mayhem Master International Bodybuilding Tournament, in 2019, at the age of sixty-nine.

Although she has children and seven grandchildren, Rebecca Woody is in no rush to give up her athletic career, although she admits that thirty years ago she could have «knocked out» many more weight.

Over the years, going to gyms has become a routine and a necessity. On her Instagram profile, she confesses that she loves to eat and enjoys alcoholic beverages, but, at the same time, she always keeps a sense of proportion.

Rebecca’s motto is: «There is no way to stop time, but there is a way to age gracefully».

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