I gave an orchid to a relative, and a day later saw a flower in the trash. I went to find out the reason


I have a distant relative – my cousin’s granddaughter. She lives nearby, so sometimes I’ll visit for a coffee. When I went once more, I took a nice present for her. The great-niece had her birthday, I gave her a beautiful orchid in a pot.

My environment knows that indoor plants are my passion. I love them. That day, I picked the most beautiful orchid from my windowsill and went to a relative. She handed over a gift, said warm words of congratulations, and went home.

Two days passed, I went to the trash cans to throw the garbage, and I was shocked. Next to one of the trash cans was my orchid. I was incredibly outraged! Inside, there was incredible anger and resentment.

Of course, and if not? I grew a flower, choyla, cherish, and she just threw the fruit of my efforts in the trash. At first I wanted to take the orchid, but it no longer made sense, it was frozen. I went to take care of my family.

I came to her and asked her directly from the threshold:

What are you, Katya, if my flower did not like, that you sent it to the trash, as unnecessary garbage?
The girl blushed and began to explain the reason.

– Aunt OL, I am a young girl. I want love and personal happiness. And the orchid is just a powerful husband. Because of this flower, men will forget the way to my house. Riders will stop caring. And I really want to get married and feel like a woman.

— What? – my eyes are “raised to my forehead”. Who told you that, Katya?

— It’s not bullshit! An orchid in a girl’s house is not a good sign. How could you not know? I felt a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t show it.

— This is bullshit! The orchid is a noble and beautiful flower. Especially perfectly suited to the design of your apartment. And all these signs – complete nonsense. Just superstition.

But the girl defended her point of view.

– No, Aunt Olya. Orchids are placed only in hospitals on window sills, as they take energy from a person. And in a house where there is a man – it is a bad idea. Under the influence of this flower, he loses his masculinity and character.

It turns into a podkabluchnik. I’m sorry I threw away your orchid. I did wrong. I should have given it to you right away.

I waved my hand and went home. I decided to search the internet for information about what Katya said. What are such terrible signs that do not allow girls to keep orchids in the house?

So it turned out that the orchid is really considered a “stealer of human energy”. But it’s not that she sucks energy. There are simply certain varieties of flowers, the pollen of which causes drowsiness and fatigue in people.

That’s it. And in fact, the orchid is a female plant. The flower, on the contrary, reinforces the feminine energy. Probably many simply interpreted this sign incorrectly.

And I believe that if you grow a flower with love and in an appropriate place, it will never steal energy. Even on the contrary — the flower will help its owner to become more bright and feminine. And the riders will fly towards her, like moths in the light.

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