Homeless German Shepherd cries in fear when someone approaches him


Memories of abuse can scar a dog mentally and permanently change how they feel about people.

This stray dog ​​is a German Shepherd named Rain, who was found hiding under a van for several days.

Rain leaned against the wall behind the car and shivered uncontrollably as someone approached him.

The surrounding area alerted the animal welfare group to his behavior. Soon, several rescuers arrived on the scene to help Rein.

Lifeguard Loreta was the first to hand Rain a cheeseburger. But she completely ruled out the rescuer with her terrified body language and heartbreaking moans.

The rescue team was shocked to hear Raine’s menacing «human» cries as she ran away from them. It’s hard to imagine what kind of violence against her made her so fearful.

She was terrified and expressed it in a way rescuers had never heard of in her life. Rain hid under the car and begged the rescuers to leave. Then she ducked into an unpleasant space to increase the distance between her and the rescuers.

However, the rescue team sealed off the perimeter of the net and Loreta took Rain out with a soft trap.

Even after the rescue, Rain’s human cries and expressions of grief didn’t stop. With great difficulty, the rescuers put her in a box and took her to the hospital for a check-up.

Fortunately, Rain gradually sensed the good intentions of her rescuers, and she calmed down considerably while bathing!

Rain’s mental recovery after being rescued was amazing! In foster care, she became so loving and kind that she found a forever family within 2 weeks of being rescued.

His name is now «Sassy Pants Dunbar», an epic name that matches his silly personality. She spends her days hanging out with her dog brother and demanding endless belly massages from her loved ones! She has completely changed after being rescued, and we are very happy for her!

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