Family feels the silence and finds their daughter taking a nap with her dog


Annabell lives with her parents in Brazil, whom she loves enormously, but there are also other members of her family that she considers part of her; her dogs named Zaya, Neném and Tataia.

Little Annabell and the dogs often play together outdoors, enjoy together for hours, and really have a lot of fun.

Something that doesn’t bother her family and on the contrary makes them very happy to see how that gang spends their days between games.

Lawria Melo, Annabell’s mother, says that her daughter loves her dogs. She told The Dodo:

“They have always been best friends. Every morning he kisses them all. She loves them as if they were her brothers! ».

Girl found napping with her dog
Little girl plays with her pet

A few days ago, when her parents did not feel the laughter and sounds of the games, somewhat surprised they looked for the reason, and they came across a really adorable scene. Lawria said that she had gotten too quiet around the house.

Adorable little girl takes a nap with her dog

Apparently, both Annabell and the dogs were very exhausted from their fun and games, so they decided to take a group nap in the middle of their day.

Although Annabell could choose to go to bed with her, she chose to stay with her furry friends; she didn’t want to be separated from them.

Her mother tells:

«I laughed a lot. When I arrived I was covered in sand from head to toe.»

For Annabell’s parents, the scene was very sweet, and although the girl does not understand the emotion that her parents see there, what is certain is that she loves her dogs; For her, being with them is worth it, even if she has to take more than one bath at the end of the day.

«She still can’t speak, but I think it’s normal for her. We try to explain to her that she can’t do certain things that puppies do.»

Sure, as Annabell gets older there will be a lot more shenanigans from this gang, and some dirty hands and knees, but Annabell’s parents wouldn’t change a thing; they are happy with this beautiful friendship.

«It’s amazing to see the affection and love he has for them. They are part of his life.»

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