Lessie struggled until she was exhausted and passed out.


If the animal has to take care of itself, everything becomes more difficult. Stray dogs have to fight for food, disease, disasters, and even other strays. At the entrance to the building, they found a dog that had fainted.

A kind man saw him and quickly called the rescuers. The man waited for help to arrive. The little one was so exhausted that he couldn’t open his eyes.

His face was red, swollen, perhaps from the bite of another animal. He may have been fighting over food with another stray animal.

A little later, rescuers arrived. The man who found the dog was so happy to see the rescuers. Rescuers had their own cars, lots of clothes, everything needed for first aid.

Rescuers called the veterinary clinic and said they were bringing in a dog that was in poor condition.
The dog was put in an ambulance and given a pill.

The pill helped the dog. As soon as they arrived at the clinic, he was feeling a little better and could walk to the hospital room.

He was very confused. He quickly made his way to the window, but he was unhurt.

The dog was placed on the examination table. The effect of the pills had passed, he was unconscious again.

This worried the vet. He gave her more pills.

The vet had to give him painkillers. The doctor said the wound on his face hurt so badly that he passed out in pain and was shocked.

This dog struggled to survive. His tests showed he was infected. However, thanks to doctors’ care, love and effective medicine, he recovered very quickly.

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