Birthday of the oldest cat in the world


This wonderful cat named Nutmeg is considered the oldest cat in the world, which recently mentioned: its 31st birthday. She looked very beautiful and luxurious.

The cat had appeared to its owners by accidentally entering its yard.

Ian and Liz Finlay decided to adopt him and he became their other feline friend. The other name was Spice.

When he was taken to a vet for examination, he was diagnosed with a medical condition. It was then that it became clear that the cat was very old.

Unfortunately, to prove it, they have to show the birth certificate of a beautiful cat in the Guinness Book of Records, which they did not do.

Last year, the cat had a serious stroke. Fortunately, he overcame it and recovered. Everyone was surprised by this fact.

He is also very mischievous and can wake up his masters at 5 a.m. asking them to feed him, but that does not prevent them from adoring him.

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