Police dog stabbed five times is hailed a hero as he returns to duty after recovering


Police dogs are excellent at their job. They serve in various inspections and are capable of much more than we think.

For example, they can find missing people by scent and also search for suspects. They always try to protect us at all costs.

This work is a real danger to their lives. This incident happened a few months ago when a police dog was injured in the line of duty. But fortunately, he has already recovered and he was warmly accepted to his old position.

His name is Kaiser. This dog was on guard with his trainer when suddenly a policeman received a call informing him of a burglary in London.

When they arrived at the scene, Kaiser knocked down this thief, but, unfortunately, he stabbed the dog multiple times.

But even injured, the dog continued to hold the suspect.

Luckily the cuts weren’t that bad and the dog recovered quickly. Only two months after the incident, the dog returned to his job.

Kaiser received a toy as a sign of welcome! And soon, Sutton police said Kaiser was «simply thrilled» with the gift. If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family.

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