Here’s the cause of those nine-month-old puppy tantrums.


Sarah loved her nine-month-old puppy.
He often left the baby alone in their yard because he was very safe there.

Jack liked to crawl in the yard, run, play and smell. One day, on her way home from work, Sarah noticed that Jack was having seizures.

He quickly took the dog to the hospital, where he will receive medical attention.

Sarah isn’t home all day and doesn’t have security cameras to figure out what can cause a dog attack.

The dog was found to have been shot three times in hospital. Jack was in a healthy, normal garden when he was shot.

The horrible thing is that in the village you must not let your dogs out. Everything seems to be going well ծ suddenly someone decides to shoot the dog.

You never know what will happen. Sarah told several vets that she needed a long treatment.

The local police are trying to find out who may have shot the baby. Anyone with information, please contact the police.

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