A tuxedo-clad pup waits for his adoptive parents who cancel at the last minute


Little puppy Vincent was well dressed and ready to join his new family when they refused to adopt him at the last minute.

The pup lived in a shelter in La Calera, Colombia. On September 9, when the family refused to adopt the pup, the shelter shared sad photos of adorable Vicente.

They wrote that Vincent was swimming, well dressed, waiting for his adoptive parents.

If you ever want to adopt a breadwinner, remember that it is a very big responsibility, you must not abandon them at the last minute, because they are not theirs, they also have feelings, they need heat.

You don’t have to get rid of them or throw them away!

But of course, like all stories, Vincent’s story ended well. His photos were posted on the Internet, and very quickly many people wanted to adopt little Vincent.

After a while he was adopted by a family who really loved and cared for Vincent because the baby really deserved everything.

Of course, Vincent has found a loving family, he lives in wonderful conditions, but more than forty dogs have not yet found their masters, they are waiting to be adopted.

Shelter staff wrote that they aim to help all animals, whether female or male, large or small, regardless of breed or color.

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