Woman adopts small dog deemed ‘too ugly’ to live


When this little dog named Freddie Mercury was at the shelter, it was very difficult to make out his appearance. Her little body was twisted and one leg was pushing out at an odd angle.

But this puppy deserves a good life. However, people found it difficult to see anything other than his appearance and considered him ugly.

Fortunately, there are angels in our world who do not care much about the appearance of the animal. A woman named Angela has the kindest heart. She saw Freddie at the orphanage and couldn’t leave her there anymore, knowing that no one would need her.

Angela took him home. The first time she saw the dog struggle to get up and walk around, her heart broke.

She knew Freddie would be difficult, but she would be strong and patient. That was what Freddie needed then!

Freddie’s new owner showed him what it’s like to be loved unconditionally. Freddie became more confident and aware that his mother was an integral part of his life and began to thank her regularly.

She showered Angela with soft kisses. Freddy rolled over on his back, as if to say, «Thank you for saving me!» »

Freddie’s owner was constantly asked how she could put so much energy and love into a dog that can’t live long, and her answer was «because she deserves it»! She added that life is short and all you have to do is live today. Angela is a very wise woman!

Since Freddie appeared in his house, the character of the little dog has changed a lot. She felt more confident and knew she was loved and safe.

She wakes up every day knowing she will have everything she needs. She has animal siblings and a beloved mistress who simply adores her.

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