A military dog cuts through a hail of bullets and takes down a shooter who attacks his team


Kuno, the 3-year-old British military dog, never hesitated for a second when his team was brutally cornered by a group of al-Qaeda insurgents in Afghanistan, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The fearless Belgian Shepherd Malinois ran after grenade attacks and relentless gunfire to protect soldiers during a compound raid.

He jumped on the aggressive shooter and tackled him relentlessly, giving his team time to neutralize the enemy.

At the end of this devastating battle, the hearts of the soldiers sank when they realized that Kuno had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

While he had single-handedly altered the outcome of the raid, his injuries looked potentially life-threatening. The camp doctor roughly treated Kuno’s injuries and arranged for him to be transferred to the US Army Veterinary Treatment Center in Afghanistan.

Over the next few weeks, Kuno continued to fight for his life as his beloved soldiers and guardians begged him to hold on.

In the end, the brave pooch was able to survive the ordeal, but not without tragically losing his two hind legs during multiple amputation operations that saved his life.

Once Kuno was fit to travel, he was flown back to the UK for an intense rehabilitation program. Through rigorous physical therapy and a fierce drive to thrive, Kuno was able to regenerate his navigational skills.

He eventually became the first British military working dog to receive a revolutionary set of lightweight prosthetic aids!

Kuno recently retired from military service in the most fitting manner — he received the prestigious PDSA Dickin Medal, the nation’s highest honor for animals and the equivalent of the Victoria Cross!

This furry veteran completed over 16 missions during his tenure and saved countless lives. Kuno perfectly embodies the qualities of courage, loyalty, determination and selflessness, and this elevates him into a powerful hero!

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