A dog grabs a kitten from the hands of a shelter worker and brings it back to its kennel


Employees at the Pickens County, Georgia animal shelter were concerned when someone left three newborn kittens without their mothers.

There was only one mother cat in the shelter, who took care of her own litter. But when Mary discovered this situation, she could not resist!

Mary is a dog who was also abandoned in a shelter with her newborn babies because her owner didn’t want to carry the «burden» of dogs.

To cope with this, Mary dedicated all of her time to being the best mom to her seven puppies. So when Mary saw the three kittens, she immediately volunteered to support them!

Mary was especially vigilant as the shelter worker fed the kittens one by one. An overprotective mongrel made sure his kittens were fed.

She carries the kittens to her kennel and drops them off with her sleeping puppies.

Mary literally freaks out when her kittens disappear from sight!

Thanks to her sincere love, her warmth and her kisses, Mary raised them with flying colors. The shelter has already announced that the whole fluffy family is adopted!

We are so proud of this exemplary mother dog! They have such a hospitable and unselfish heart and they are capable of loving without limit!

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