Brave dog with broken leg leads rescuers 3km to his ‘treasure’


This dog, named Vera, was abandoned by its former owner. She worked hard for her little ones.

This brave and determined dog walked three kilometers with a broken leg to save her young.

This dog with a broken leg had traveled several kilometers to save its young. He was found in very poor condition in southern Spain.

Her front leg was broken and it was very painful for her to walk. Fortunately, a woman saw him and took him to a veterinary clinic.

Veterinarian Ellen Sobri immediately noticed that Vera was producing milk, indicating that she had given birth within the past week.

The vet saw that the dog was producing milk, which meant that she had just given birth. After throwing Vera on her leg, she decided to test her maternal instincts and tied Vera up to see if she would take her with her little ones.

Vera took decisive action. The vets followed him and Vera tried to find a way to reach the cubs.

They weren’t sure that Vera would trust them and bring them to the cubs, but they followed her anyway, hoping that she would find her cubs and they would help them.

He could barely walk because his leg was still hurting, the road was muddy and rocky, but he managed to walk down the main road and find his ten cubs sleeping on the bench with a broken car.

They were very surprised not to believe their eyes. Only an hour after the acquaintance, the dog was able to trust them and show them the place of their young. It was truly a miracle.

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